Stump Grinding and Removal 

 Maybe you’re planting crops or maybe you’re tired of mowing around it. You want it gone and we make it disappear.

Stump Grinding 101: If we can find it, we can grind it!

Stump grinding is the process of removing a stump that is left after a tree is cut down or has broken off due to storm damage.  We use a self- propelled Vermeer stump grinder to grind stumps 4-6 inches below the ground surface allowing topsoil to be placed where the tree was originally so that grass can be planted.  In some instances, the stump can be ground out completely so that a new tree can be planted if desired.  We can generally get into backyards and hillsides relatively easily with our machine because it is not towed by a vehicle to the stump itself. This makes the process friendlier for homes in well developed neighborhoods like South of Grand where the pathways to the site can be narrow.

The grinding process leaves a fair amount of wood chips on site and removal is an extra fee and will be considered and discussed at the time of the estimate.  

The larger the tree, the more shavings will be left behind.  Some customers like to use the shavings as an underlay for their mulch beds, and why not? They are wood.

SAFETY FIRST!  The very first thing to know about stump grinding is that it is dangerous.  These machines spin steel wheels, with carbide steel grinding teeth, at a very high rate of speed.  Children, pets, and people should not take this a spectator sport.  Stones and debris can go flying so we ask you to stay a safe distance away from the stump site during removal.

Also, in the state of Iowa it is important that Iowa One Call be called to mark any underground utilities at the work site.  This generally takes  at least a few business days for a response, and will take longer if the weekend is involved.  We place all the tickets for our customers for the quickest response and your convenience.

Stump Grinding or Stump Removal?

Stump removal might be an option for you!  We offer the option of pulling the stump out with a backhoe, removing it completely from the site and disposing of it.  This can be a costly choice depending on the size of the stump due to the time it takes to dig it out, and disposal of the stump itself.  It can also be a somewhat messy process, again, the larger the stump the bigger the hole left behind. 

Another aspect that may need to be considered are the surface roots.  Some species of trees, Maple, Willow, Pine, Beech, etc…grow large roots above the ground surface. Grinding these after a tree has been cut is not an issue, however, grinding them while a tree is still alive can cause major damage to the tree, including killing it altogether.  

Once the stump is removed, are you equipped to deal with the hole left behind?  As a full service landscape company, we can bring good Iowa soil and fill in the hole left behind, and cover it with grass seed.   We will “fill you in” and have you mowing in no time!   

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