Mobile Log Splitting Service 

Instead of sending a tree to the landfill, why not turn it into usable firewood right there in your yard?

Log Splitting Service from Des Moines to Indianola

So a storm has swept through and knocked one of your trees down. What now? Well you can do a few different things. You can leave that tree to decompose on your property, which could take many years. You can pay someone to remove it. Or you can remove it yourself with a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. An option most people don’t initially think about is calling Woodchuck Stumps to come out and turn the tree into firewood you can use. Our mobile log splitting service is top notch, and extremely convenient.

Savings you can count on

We’ve had customers come to us asking for options on a tree removal job, and this one is a crowd favorite among wood burning homeowners. A cord of high quality seasoned firewood costs over three hundred dollars on average in our area, and that’s money you don’t have to spend when you hire us to turn your fallen tree into fuel. This also reduces your bills over the cold winter months, because you can turn that thermostat down and let your fireplace or wood burning stove do the work for your furnace.

And some trees are large enough to produce well over a cord of wood, giving you fuel to burn for more than one season.

We don’t leave a mess

Sure the savings sound great, but what about aesthetics? You don’t want your yard to be a giant pile of brush and split logs! You’re paying someone to make it look nice again, right? At Woodchuck Stumps we pride ourselves on quality workmanship, which means we don’t leave a mess. We can clear out the brush and run it through the chipper, taking care of the smaller branches left behind so you’re not doing yard work after we’ve left.

We also provide stump grinding services, and in some cases we can pull the stump out of the ground for you with our machinery, but the best solution will be recommended for you during our initial consultation. And finally we can always accommodate your preferences for leaving the wood in a pile somewhere in your yard or stacking it neatly. Some of these services may cost extra depending on the job site and working conditions, but another principle we pride ourselves on is providing a fair price for fair work, so you can rest easy knowing that we’re not trying to scalp your wallet. After all, one of the benefits of our log splitting service is the savings.


What else do I need to know?

Well to be forthright, we also sell firewood and know a thing or two about it. Check out our firewood buying guide to learn how we approach the business. If you have a tree that has gone down recently, we call that green wood (or unseasoned wood), and we recommend against burning it indoors. After a period of time, the wood has weathered and we call that seasoned wood. So you may be wondering, should I leave this tree setting in the yard while it weathers? We recommend that if you want to burn that wood you give us a call sooner rather than later. A whole tree will take longer to season than a tree that has been split into logs. You may also be wondering about the quality of the firewood you’re able to get out of your tree, and again we’ll refer you to the guide. Hardwoods like oak, locust, and elm tend to burn longer than softwoods. And it takes time for wood to season, with some denser species taking over a year, so anytime of year is a good time to turn your downed tree into a stack of firewood. If you need wood to burn immediately though, just ask what we have in stock.

The load of firewood in the truck is about a cord. If you’re not getting that from your firewood supplier, give us a call. And don’t worry, we can stack all that wood for you as well.


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