Tree Services from Des Moines to Indianola

We offer a wide range of professional tree services including stump removal, mobile log splitting, trimming and clearing.  

When do people call a local landscaper to trim a tree or cut dangerous limbs? One of the most interesting trends we’ve seen is that 95% of the people looking for tree service are also in the market for a new windshield! Don’t be one of the people who have to pay for new car windows at the same time as a landscaper for tree trimming. We can get to it before your vehicles are damaged.

Whatever your situation is, Woodchuck Stumps is here to help. Whether you need dead or dying trees cut completely down, or maybe you just need some low hanging limbs removed, or your canopy lifted, we can help. 

In the unfortunate event of a tree falling unexpectedly on your property or home due to storm, rot, insects or age, (or rotten luck) we can help.


Trees already down or uprooted?  Maybe you just need some cleanup done?  Or maybe you need the wood from your trees cut and split into firewood.  We can also provide mulch from that downed tree.  We have a Vermeer brush chipper which can turn limbs into usable mulch instead of paying to remove the limbs and taking them to the landfill.  

We will offer you the same (and sometimes additional) tree services, and results, that some of the bigger companies offer without the bigger price.  Because we are family operated with low overhead, we can offer highly competitive rates.  If price is a consideration, we can help.

We’ve been cutting trees for years and we work with some very skilled, experienced climbers to get the job done safely and effectively.  And we are insured just like the big companies which definitely helps.

Tree Services

The Woodchuck Stumps team provides a wide range of tree services including:

  • log splitting
  • tree removal, pruning and trimming
  • stump grinding and removal
  • bush hog and brush chipping 
  • land clearing
  • and more

To get an idea of how we can work with you, it’s best to call for a free consultation. We have customers who are able to combine multiple jobs in a day, saving time and money. One customer found that it was cheaper (and more convenient) to have us turn her fallen timber into firewood for her own consumption than it was for her to hire a larger company to haul away the tree to rot in a landfill.

Our pricing is entirely dependent on the job and we need to be on site to give a quote we can stand by. However if you send us a descriptive email, or text with pictures, we can give you an idea of the potential budget.

    tree cut down

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    land clearing

    Land Clearing & Brush Removal

    Lot clearing services are often requested as part of any new landscaping project, including gravel driveways.


    Excavation & Grading

    You may need to repair the base layer, add drainage, or grade your land to protect your drive from excessive water runoff.

    paver patio in evening

    Stump Grinding

    Grinding stumps is easier and cleaner than pulling them out of the ground. You also get premium mulch for free.

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