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Fire pits, patios, stone planters, paver walkways, retaining walls and more from Des Moines to Indianola 

We build in ground fire pits, patios with fire pit, above ground fire pits, masonry walls, flower boxes, paver walkways, retaining wall repair and installation, and more. We also specialize in paver patio installation and repair. We’re thrilled to provide our low maintenance landscaping service to the average homeowner at a reasonable rate. Let us know what your dreams are and we’ll build it to your specifications.

One of the most exciting jobs for us is patio installation because nothing transforms our client’s outdoor living space like  new stonework. Muddy and unusable yard suddenly becomes a relaxing retreat or a social gathering to barbecue with friends. Many of our clients are uncertain about the design and dimensions, and are hesitant to begin because of it. Never fear, we’ll help you determine the right materials and layout prior to signing a contract.

We build patios and other masonry projects the right way, starting with a good foundation, never skimping on quality materials to save a few extra dollars. Our goal is to make sure that at the end of the day you’re confident and comfortable with the work we’ve done, and would be pleased to recommend us to a friend or relative.

Retaining wall installation and repair is another common project we undertake. This is sometimes a real safety concern for our clients. 

Large retaining walls that are falling apart may be near a home or other structure, and falling stone or sudden mudslides after a heavy rain can be dangerous. Don’t try to do it yourself only to discover that the job is too big to handle in a weekend with some buddies! Ask us for a free quote on a retaining wall repair or installation job first. Who knows, maybe you’d rather spend that weekend watching the game instead.

Fire pit installation is one of the quickest ways to turn your yard into a destination for social gatherings. Who doesn’t love s’mores? We’ve done a variety of fire rings and fire pit installations and can provide recommendations as well as advice. Different counties and cities have different ordinances on what to burn, size of fire pits, and other regulations. It’s best to work with a professional to make sure you don’t run afoul of local laws. You also may have questions on what to burn. We wrote the book on buying firewood, and we can give you run down on what’s safe and what’s best. We’re a popular choice for high quality, well seasoned wood to burn, and we would be happy to include some firewood as a part of the quote for your fire pit installation – just ask about it when we come over to talk about your dream design.

Stonework is one of our favorite parts of the trade, and we’re certain you’ll enjoy the finished product as much (but hopefully more!) than we enjoy making it. Give us a call today for a free quote so we can discuss your outdoor transformation!

How we do it

Fire pits, patios, and retaining walls rely on a good foundation.  The first step is to excavate the area. Sub-base gravel is laid down at least 6 inches. This is the recommendation from the national concrete institute for walls and patios.  The gravel is installed in layers and each layer gets compacted with a vibratory plate compactor to reduce future settling.  

For patios, a one-inch layer of fine sand is laid down on top of the gravel for the pavers to rest on.  Next comes your choice of stone and there are many.  We like Belgard because they are made here in Des Moines, however we install any brand and style. Once the stone is installed, polymeric sand is used to fill the cracks between the stone and bind the pavers together. The final step is to seal the patio. The sealer protects the pavers from UV sunlight fading and seals the polymeric sand.

With retaining walls and firepits the process is similar, except they go directly on the gravel base.  Depending on the height of the wall, Geogrid soil stabilizer may be a necessary addition.  This material helps stabilize the soil and increases the shear strength so that the earth behind your wall can’t move. It increases the mass of your wall by tying the soil and block together.  

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