Gravel Driveway Repair & Installation

Re-gravel your driveway the right way, eliminating potholes and ensuring a durable, smooth finish

A gravel driveway in Des Moines? We love how many homes are opting for, or already have this lower cost, attractive driveway. Gravel driveway installation, repair and maintenance sounds simple, and it can be if done correctly. Like so many other things in the world of outdoor living, it’s all about that first base layer. All gravel driveways experience wear and tear with each Iowa winter, which can alter grading for water runoff. Ruts and potholes form rather quickly, and dodging them on a daily basis makes coming home from work no fun, and can put unnecessary wear on your vehicles. If you’re seeing potholes, that’s a good time to start thinking about some maintenance. 

First and foremost is the grading. Does your driveway allow a place for the water to run off? And is it graded away from your home and your foundation? If not you will have issues and will soon need your gravel driveway repaired (and possibly your home too).

Second, what’s under the gravel? If it is just dirt you will probably have issues, and again you’ll soon need a landscaper to visit your home or business. We highly recommend grading the driveway to one side or the other to allow rain and snow water a place to go, and then compact it. Next, road base gravel, compacted with a roller just like the asphalt guys do it. This gives your gravel a firm layer to sit on so that when the water does run off it will help prevent potholes and ruts.

We have installed, graded and compacted many gravel driveways, and the transformation puts a smile on our face every time. Many Des Moines driveway companies focus on asphalt or concrete for the higher prices, but we love working on gravel driveways and specialize in them. If you have a need for a gravel driveway repair or installation, contact us today for a free estimate. We would love the opportunity to put a smile on your face as well.

About this Process

There are a couple ways you can build a gravel driveway. First, the cheapest option, is to just add some gravel on top and smooth it out. This is how many driveway contractors around Des Moines prefer to do business. Because of the difference in price, many homeowners opt for this method without realizing what they’re missing. 

The best, and right way, is to excavate down to solid ground and compact it flat. Then add a base layer of larger stone, such as 3 inch limestone, and compact it. A second layer of 1.5 inch gravel mixed with fine gravel goes on top of the base layer and gets compacted again. This is a much more durable gravel driveway that will withstand the years better, and save on future repairs. 

There is no way to make your gravel driveway last as long as asphalt or concrete, but the benefit is a lower cost. This is why homes with long driveways often opt for gravel.

The cost of your driveway is dependent on many factors and requires an in person estimate. We factor in the length of your driveway, material prices, excavation or grading expenses, personal preferences such as whether you want edging installed, cost to run machines, and labor. 

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