Land Clearing in Indianola and the Des Moines Metro

Land Clearing and Brush removal

Every lot, and piece of land is different, and the desired outcome for each land owner may be different as well.  Communication and a clear objective is the first place we start.  Whether you would like your trees cut down, stumps removed, grass seed planted, sod installed or just some pruning done we have done it, and we can do it for you. Land clearing means something different for each project, and we approach it with that mindset.

Some things to consider when contemplating lot clearing….Will I need a land disturbance permit?  Will a construction entrance need to be installed?  Does the Department of Transportation need to be notified?  Does Iowa One Call need to be called for utility marking? Do I need a silt fence installed?  The answer may be yes to them all or it could also be that none of the above apply.  We can help you sort through them as we discuss the objective you are trying to reach and the methods we will use in achieving your goal.  Also keep in mind that each county has different requirements on lot size disturbances and permits for land clearing.  

Methods, what methods?  Well it might be as simple as a pole saw with a brush chipper, or it may be as complicated as a skid steer with a root grapple and a backhoe or an excavator.  As a full service landscaping company, we have the trucks and equipment to deliver topsoil, mulch, and stone and the ability to carry away the debris from the job site for disposal. Whatever the method, we will discuss the options with you in detail so that you are aware of what is happening every step of the way.

Brush is easy?  Yep.  Brush lots are relatively easy and are usually fairly quick to resolve and brush piles are easier yet.  Chainsaws, brush chipper, loppers, maybe a root grapple and Voila’.  Well, maybe not that easy, but brush lots are usually much less red tape and therefore easier to resolve and we do many of them annually. 

We try to keep things simple for you and for mother earth.  Our goal is to meet your goal with as little disturbance to the land as possible while trying to protect your existing yard, your future yard, the neighbors, the roadways, the watershed, your mother-in-law…. I think you get the idea.

Contact us today for a free estimate, and the first step to enjoying the property you’ve worked so hard to get.

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