Grass seed and sod installation

Ground preparation and plenty of water are the keys in getting grass to grow, whether planting or installing sod. Not enough of either and your hard earned green money will be as brown as the dead grass in your yard. Plant grass seed or instant sod installation? Choices, Choices, Money, Money, Mowing, Mowing!

Sod installation is a much more costly alternative to grass seed, but the prep work for both is basically the same. We buy our sod directly from the farm. It’s cut daily and loaded onto their trucks for delivery. If you only need a small amount, we load it on our trucks and bring it to you. Why pay for sod installation? Well, if you just can’t wait to get mowing, and you would like the lawn today, sod is the solution. However, be careful not to put too much traffic on new sod. Remember that it has just undergone a transplant and needs rest. Transplants on any living organism are difficult and new grass is no different.

Grass seed. This is the longer, more cost effective solution. While you won’t be mowing today or even tomorrow, the care and prep are similar. Both need plenty of water and care. We prefer to use high quality seed from Pennington, Scott’s or Rebels, however we will use any seed you would like. You can expect seedlings in 7-10 days, and real movable grass in 4-6 weeks depending on how well the seed has germinated and grown.

Preparation is key. In either case, the base layer your seed or sod is laid on is critical. We like to use a landscape rake or rototiller to give the new roots obstruction free room to grow. We also highly recommend a mixture of Livingston Blend, which is an organic compost produced in Spotsylvania County, Virginia on top of the rototilled ground so that the new grass has some quality nutrients to absorb, and a way to retain water which is crucial. We follow up the seed with straw and then….water, water, water. New seed and sod will not survive without plenty of H2O. We recommend watering in the morning for about 30 minutes and the same at night just before dark. The morning water protects the grass from drying out during the daylight sun. The evening water is for the grass to absorb. Be patient and let your seed grow, or get instant results with our sod installation. Choices, choices.

After you’re done with the lawn, consider some of our other landscaping services such as tree trimming or driveway repair. Yard work never ends, and we never stop either.
Happy Growing and happy mowing!